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Semaphore consultants have expertise & insight developed over many years working for large, international & local consulting organisations. We can help you understand your current state & provide pragmatic corrective action.

Frameworks & Methods

We have developed frameworks and methods for a number of ICT capabilities that are compliant with legislation, Australian & International standards and industry best practices; that are adaptable to work within any organisation. We ensure that we stay up-to-date with emerging technologies and trends, and ensure that our framework and methods are continually updated to support these new technologies and requirements.

Test Management

We have experienced Test Managers who will ensure that new or modified service products meet the business requirements for which they have been developed or enhanced. To ensure this objective is achieved our Test Managers will:
  • Develop and implement Test Strategy and Plans
  • Develop and maintain Test Cases
  • Work closely with project & business stakeholders and vendors
  • Ensure testing is performed in accordance with the Test Strategy and Test Plans
  • Manage defect management
  • Manage areas of identified risk
  • Prepare summary reports that correctly reflect the status of the testing exercise
  • Prepare the final test report.

Testing As A Service

Semaphore can provide a range of testing services to your organisation. We work with our clients to customise a testing solution to meet your organisational and project needs.
The services and activities we have a proven track record delivering include:
  • test management
  • test process improvement
  • test planning
  • test execution
  • training and documentation across all phases of testing.
We always apply a structured approach to testing to ensure any risk to projects and the organisation is minimised and that sufficient and appropriate coverage is applied in the correct phase of testing.
We operate under a flexible resourcing model and will ensure that we have testing professionals with the right level of skills and experience at the times you need them.

Health Checks

With on average over 25 years consulting experience, we have experts in the areas of ICT Strategy, Program & Project Management, ICT Security, Systems Delivery, Change Management and Testing, and can provide Health Checks for your organisation in any of these disciplines. We have the experience and expertise to review existing practices, procedures and environments, and provide recommendations for potential improvements to ensure efficiency and effectiveness; compliance with Legislation; Australian & International standards; industry best practices; and to reduce the risk of failure.

Gateway Reviews

At Semaphore, our staff has many years’ experience in the planning, delivery and assurance of numerous programs and projects for both Government and private organisations across a range of technologies, size, complexities and budgets.

We can provide structured gateway reviews at key decision points to provide an independent assessment and assist organisations to deliver agreed programs and projects in accordance with the program or project objectives, and to provide early identification of areas requiring corrective action.

Semaphore can provide these assurance services to one or all of the gateway review types:
  • Strategic Assessment (Gate 1)
  • Business case (Gate 2)
  • Procurement strategy (Gate 3)
  • Tender decision (Gate 4)
  • Readiness for service (Gate 5)
  • Benefits evaluation (Gate 6).


Are your projects failing or not delivered within scope, time or budget; is there a disconnect between ICT and Business and other stakeholders around project deliverables and outcomes; are project decisions made in a timely and considered manner?

Do you have an effective project, program or organisational governance framework in place?

At Semaphore, our staff has extensive experience in establishing, implementing and managing governance frameworks and processes that can be tailored to meet your project, program or organisational requirements whilst remaining compliant with the governance principles and best practices.

Our governance framework will:
  • Outline the relationships between all stakeholders involved in the project
  • Establish clear roles and responsibilities
  • Establish stakeholder expectations
  • Describe the flow of information regarding the project to all stakeholders
  • Ensure the appropriate review of issues encountered within each project
  • Ensure that required approvals and direction for the project is obtained at each appropriate stage of the project.

Test Tool Analysis

Are you unsure of the best test tool sets to assist in your testing regime?

At Semaphore, we are not aligned to any vendor tool sets. We can conduct a review of your test tool requirements to ensure:
  • the most appropriate tool set is utilised
  • taking into account the intended use, your requirements, your infrastructure and your budget.
We will ensure any recommended tool set complies with your organisations standards and guidelines.

Accessibility & Usability

Our testing experts have considerable experience managing the accessibility & usability requirements of mission critical applications. We can help you to develop and implement an accessibility and usability plan that encompasses ICT & HR:
  • Policies and Procedures and
  • Education
to ensure your organisation is compliant with:
  • Legislation
  • Australian & International standards, and
  • Industry best practices for accessibility and usability.

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