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We provide advice and share experience applicable to the specific circumstances of each client. On average, our Directors have more than 25 years consulting experience. We are well positioned to help our clients analyse and solve their unique challenges. We provide advice we believe is in our clients' best interest - we think straight and we talk straight.

ICT Strategy

One of the great challenges of our industry - aligning your technology investments to your business strategy. Our strategy consultants have gained deep business and technology experience over many years. We can help you maximise the potential of technology to achieve your business outcomes. We understand what works and what does not work. We have seen the best and occasionally the worst. Our approach addresses:
  • your internal capability to move the business forward and create business value
  • emerging external business and technology forces
  • business and technology opportunities and threats
  • the application portfolio plan including key milestones
  • a plan to improve IT functions and service operations
  • establishing an effective IT organisation and governance capability and
  • building stakeholder engagement plans.
How are we different? We thrive on the challenge of bridging business and technology to achieve real change. We have built a track record envisaging the future and defining the achievable journey.

IT Renewal

The pressure to do more with less has never been greater. Is your portfolio hindering or enhancing business outcomes? Is innovation being stifled by poorly performing systems or inflexible languages or platforms? What is the cost impact? Do you extend the life of existing applications using modern integration strategies or replace with modern application platforms or custom-built solutions? Are your IT staff able to drive business value or are they simply holding it all together?

Our consultants can help you address these big questions, establishing a pragmatic plan to maximise existing investments, creating the plan to modernise and aligning this with your business strategies. We can help you drive business innovation through refreshed IT capabilities.

Risk & Security

Semaphore Consulting Partners see the Risk & Security area as one of the most important for any organisation to focus on. A sound and holistic view on end to end security combined with an acceptance that there is no such thing as zero risk will help any organisation to better understand what risk profile is the most appropriate for them and what controls and assurance mechanisms need to be put in place.

Semaphore Consulting Partners have several Directors with vast Risk and Security experience, and some of our Risk and Security consultants have more than 27 years experience in the field spanning military-grade crypto to enterprise risk management for very large global organisations. We are involved in the security community and have worked with government and private organisations looking at risk & security for cloud based solutions, data protection, identity and access management and compliance issues just to mention a few.

The key questions for any organisation to consider in the field of risk & security are:
  • What are the laws, regulations, legislative requirements and other external requirements your organisation has to deal with?
  • What are your security policies - do they reflect your external requirements?
  • Are your controls implemented securely and are they driven by your policies?
  • Do you have an assurance mechanism in place ensuring that your controls are reflecting your policies?
  • Have you followed due diligence to determine your enterprise risk level and has this risk level been signed off/accepted by the right person in your organisation?
Semaphore Consulting Partners can assist you determining your risk posture and also advice you of what steps are recommended to continually improve your risk & security area.

Enterprise Integration

Connecting people, systems and platforms remains a significant challenge. Whether this surfaces in extending the life of legacy systems, strategies to transition to modern platforms, or simply making the right information available to the right people at the right time to drive business value, integration continues to be a critical component of a business architecture.

In an increasingly shifting environment with service-oriented and cloud-based architecture gaining prevalence, our consultants can help you architect, plan and integrate complex, disparate systems to create solutions architected to be flexible and cost-effective.

Organisation Change

With demand increasing to deliver better outcomes with less funding, organisations are under considerable pressure to embark on significant transformations. While change is nothing new, more than ever, effective planning and management of organisation change is key.

We have consultants experienced with strategies to successfully achieve change:
  • establishing and gaining acceptance for the change vision
  • building and maintaining executive leadership and stakeholder acceptance
  • helping people adjust to change
  • managing the business case
  • overseeing the impact on technology change on people and process.
We can provide the support necessary for organisations to:
  • establish change leadership
  • build new organisation capability and
  • realise new visions.


Despite the frequency and significance of business transformations, many organisations are under-prepared for the complexities and impacts of major change. Some transformations are rare, such as the merger of public sector agencies. Some represent strategic change in business direction, such as business process outsourcing or strategic sourcing. While others are a response to sustained pressure to modernise, reduce cost to serve and improve service delivery outcomes.

Semaphore's experienced consultants help you envision, plan for, architect, deliver and optimise.
  • We bring together our experience with strategy, value creation and risk management to establish the transformation journey.
  • Our experience with IT transformation, program management, project management, change management, business process management, and competency management enables the transformation process.
  • Our experience with organisation change and leadership development underpins our capability to confidently help you successfully deliver drive a business transformation.
Our consultants have helped major organisations deliver both large (and smaller) business transformations, and are well positioned to strongly support your journey.

Business Models

Understanding how your business operates sounds intuitive. Adapting your business model to, for example, reduce the cost to serve, improve service delivery, adopt new business capabilities or transform your workforce, is more challenging. Even more challenging is understanding how your business model interacts with other players.

With the rapid uptake of new technologies and the expectation to be more integrated with external partners, governments and businesses are increasingly being challenging to adapt the way they operate. To be more accessible and more convenient to deal with while maintaining integrity and being significantly more efficient.

Semaphore works with you to develop new ways to operate in the digital economy - delivering service improvements at reduced cost, optimising revenue generation while exploiting new technology opportunities. Our business and technology strategists can help you achieve these outcomes.

Business Cases

Today's investments rightly face ever increasing scrutiny in a fiscally focused economy. Whether large or small, investments are required to demonstrate optimal of resources. Rigorous examination of options, costs and risks needs to be integral to all planning (whether policy, program or project focused); just as the ongoing management and evaluation of the business case is crucial to adapting to changing circumstances and objectively validating the outcomes achieved.

Our approach focuses on clearly understanding the problem to be addressed with all stakeholders in mind, identifying supporting data to verify the rationale for change, defining the options objectively, completing a feasibility analysis of the options, high level program/project planning and making the case to proceed via a concise executive summary of case for change, the broad scope of the change, the arguments for and against, the planned costs and benefits and the supporting analysis.

Our consultants have worked with major organisations to develop/manage business cases. The experience gained reinforces the need for a pragmatic approach with a willingness to adapt to changing circumstances informed by delivery feedback. We work closely with spons0rs and key stakeholders to maintain continuous awareness of progress against plan and to monitor expectations.

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