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We offer the insight of extensive experience leading and delivering significant programs of work to help you successfully achieve change - helping address the great industry challenges of delivering on time, to scope, within budget with quality.


Our experienced consultants have delivered and provided assurance for major private & public sector programs & projects. We work with you to:
  • objectively understand if your program/projects will deliver as planned and as effectively as possible
  • review how your program/projects are setup to effectively manage and control delivery
  • assess whether your program//projects can successfully deliver to your expectations through:
    • continuous monitoring or stage gate reviews
    • identifying risks and risk mitigation strategies
    • assessing issues and identifying rectification strategies
    • conducting health checks and
    • program/project capability assessments.

Design, Setup and Delivery

Having the right processes, capabilities and infrastructure is vital to successful delivery. We work with you to establish a strong management capability, focused on:
  • stakeholder engagement and expectations
  • planning, monitoring and reporting progress
  • managing the impact of change and
  • delivering the business case.
We provide experienced program/project managers who can work with you to apply their expertise across a wide range of requirements.

Contract & Vendor Management

We have extensive experience with developing, negotiating/formalising and managing both consulting and outsourcing contracts. We understand what is important to our clients and can help you successfully deliver the outcomes you intend through our pragmatic, client-focused behaviours.
Often the real work starts after the successful tenderer is identified. We can help establish an effective operational framework focused not just on managing the contract but also relationships between the parties. We can support you throughout the contract lifecycle from initial planning and contract design, ongoing management, extensions and renewals through to contract closure.
A strong relationship with your key vendors/service providers is vital to achieving your planned outcomes. We focus on understanding the objectives, needs, goals and risks of each party to establish a best-fit solution delivering the right outcomes for all concerned. We can help you create relationships that build ownership, buy-in and realise your target benefits.


If you need specific skills to supplement your management capabilities, we can help you. Whether short or long term, contact us to discuss your needs.

We have the experience to quickly understand your environment and positively impact your outcomes. We provide support for all phases of the program/project lifecycle.

Resourcing & Staffing

Finding the people with the skills you need can be challenging. Finding people with proven experience delivering complex programs/projects is even more challenging. Or perhaps you simply need additional capacity to address critical demands.

Our consultants have the skills and experience to required to successfully help you deliver your outcomes.


When you have your management team in place, simply having access to an experienced manager to coach your team can help mitigate the risks associated with delivery.

We can help develop your team's capability to not just have the skills to deliver but also build the right behaviours. Developing the ability to predict, prevent and respond appropriately is key to managing the inevitable challenges you will face. We've been there and can work with you to build these behaviours.

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